About Akhil Bharti College of Management

The Post Graduate Programme is designed to develop professional managers with strong conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage businesses of the future, while giving them the vision to determine what the future will be.

The vision of the Institute is to emerge as an International Centre of Excellence in all facets of Management Education, rooted in Indian ethos and societal values. Its strong ties to the business community make it an effective mechanism for the promotion of professional management practices in Indian organizations. To our students, we offer intellectual depth, abundant resources, and individual attention.

We offers interdisciplinary learning and research in its academic programmes by providing exposure to a format which integrates data, information, tools and techniques, perspectives and concepts, from various basic disciplines aimed at advancing fundamental understanding to solve real life problems. The role of a teacher is not simply to best knowledge - it is to help the student seek even more learning.

Our curriculum includes a compulsory course in Business Ethics and activities such as rural visits to help inculcate a sense of social responsibility, marked with compassion for the downtrodden and the needy. We can help you to develop these attitudes, values and beliefs that form a managers' world view and a professional identity. We can show you the direction; but, you need to take responsibility to learn, to grow and to become responsible, committed and competent leaders.